Corinna Nicol

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Relax & Sing Baby massage and yoga classes in Wakefield and Leeds

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What do I need to bring?


Please bring a blanket or soft towel for your baby to lie on, and another in case you need to partially cover them while they are being massaged so they don't get cold. There is a kettle at the venue if you need to make up a bottle, and there is also a microwave should you need it. Just bring your normal baby changing equipment and I will have everything else you need. 

What sort of oil do you use?


We use pure organic cold-pressed sunflower oil, which is safe to use on your baby's skin after the age of six weeks. I would recommend avoiding any synthetic oils on your baby, unless prescribed by a doctor. A good rule of thumb is that if you would use it on a salad, and eat it raw, it will be fine to use on your baby's skin. Fractionated coconut oil is another good choice.

Can I bring twins?


Absolutely! I don't charge any extra for twins, and you can either bring a helper along to hold one of the twins while you massage the other, or you can allow me to demonstrate the massage strokes on one of your twins. I have several sets of twins currently attending classes, and have just started a monthly twins' massage session, so twin parents can connect.

Can dads come along?


Dads are always welcome at the regular weekly classes, so please just let me know! Babies always love it when their dads come along, and the addition of male voices really adds a special something to the singing!

How old should my baby be before we come along?


Babies from as young as three weeks old have started attending my classes. Very young babies may not tolerate more than a few minutes of massage to start off with, but they quickly adapt and benefit from the massage, yoga and singing. Don't worry if your baby cries, we are all used to it! You're welcome to change, feed, move around to soothe your baby, and dip in and out of the session as you wish. Even if your baby sleeps or feeds throughout the whole session, you will still have got out of the house, and met some lovely mums to share the highs and lows of parenting with!

What if I miss a class?


I know that babies are not always predictable, so if either of you are ill and miss a class don't worry! I will always try and accommodate you with a catch-up class, which can be taken in any of the other weekly classes during your block, space permitting. I know how expensive parenting can be, so I don't want you to miss out!