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Relax & Sing Baby massage and yoga classes in Wakefield and Leeds

Multi award-winning Baby Massage classes Post Natal Support Wakefield UK

Benefits of Baby Massage and Yoga

Benefits of Baby Massage


  • Enjoyment and relaxation for both mum and baby.
  • Increased confidence in handling and relating to baby.
  • May help improve sleep patterns by soothing and calming baby. 
  • May help improve digestion, relieve colic and constipation. 
  • Improves skin texture

Benefits of Baby Yoga


  • Yoga aids babies' digestion, constipation, and relieves gas and colic.
  • Yoga increases body awareness, both for baby and parent. 
  • Yoga reduces stress for both parents and babies.
  • Babies love the songs that go with Relax & Sing baby yoga moves.

Benefits of Music for Babies


  • Music supports the early stages of language development.
  • Music helps babies gain active listening skills.
  • Music and movement provide opportunities for gross- and fine-motor skills development. 
  • Music is great for emotional well-being, for everyone!

Benefits of Baby Massage


  • You will find a welcoming, supportive network of other new mums.
  • Singing in a group will lift your mood and reduce your stress.
  • You will have a lovely hour to bond and connect with your baby.
  • You will learn new ways to interact and play with your baby.
  • You will have a nice hot cuppa or two brought to you, and cake!
  • You will never feel judged, only accepted and nurtured.

the mummy circle Bonuses


  • Once you have joined a block of classes, you are invited to join a private Facebook group to keep in touch with other mums and families. 
  • Regular meet-ups outside of classes, family sessions, pop-up  pamper sessions, mini photoshoots included in the price of your block, picnics, nights out and many more. 
  • Most mums find a group of friends that they really connect with, and carry on attending classes for several weeks, if not months!